I think that the Feather is great if you travel on business, but for many reasons that have been discussed at length on this board, using the more traditional straights is more fulfilling. But that is not the point of this post. It seems from the reactions I have seen on this board and many others, many don't realize the angle design. Any applied angle to the feather already puts it at an extreme one.

One thing many don't know is that you can take a Feather in your carry on, but it is unlikely that you will get a traditional straight through check in. For that and other reasons, it isn't a bad idea to own a Feather as part of your collection. Different times for different tools. But I would recommend getting used to shaving with it flat on your face as is, and then if your style of shaving demands you have more of an angle, you now have the option to get it ground. Also, there are other blades that you can put in it. I am not sure why the safety blade was recommended for it, but I guess you can cut those to fit too.