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    Default Trying to drag in a friend

    Hello all,

    Well I have been hanging out with a friend lately and we have been comparing hobbies. He was in my bathroom a few weeks ago and he saw a few of my razors. I have since let him use my shavette that I started on and now he seems to be interested in the straight aspect of shaving. His hobby right now is getting "bleeding edge LED" flashlights. I told him that there is only one "BLEEDING EDGE" and that is straights. We seem to be having an unofficial competition right now; who can get the other into the their hobby first. He has let me use one of his flashlights and it is pretty cool but not as awesome in my opinion. However, he is into a more modern "metal" look. Does anybody here have any idea where I could find some razors that have metal or more modern scales that I could show him some pictures of and finally seal the deal and get him into mine first?? He has seen some of billy's blades and was interested but the price was a little too high, I am looking but for some reason I cant seem to find a whole lot. He also reacted really well to the Japanese razors that I showed him, So if anybody could let me know where to find either Japenese razors or razors with stainless steel/modern scales I would really appreciate it. I am trying to do my part to revive this art and I could use some help.


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    DOVO makes these. Also the Wapi razors have stainless steel metal handles. however, the blade on them is made from carbon steel.

    You could try and hit up Spazzola, I think he is named, for an oriental razor.
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    The Wapi will only cost you about $50 too.

    Those Japanese razors are very hard to shave yourself with and are very costly too. Start with the Wapi and if his interest continues, there are plenty of ways to upgrade.


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