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    Default Just got three blades back... new and exciting things!

    So I sent three razors to Utopian- two NOS Solingens and a chipped Jo Rodgers. I got them back and gave them each some cheek and the Solingens blew me out of the water. Wow. The Rodgers shaves well, not too sure if I like it or not. I'll be using it for the next week or two. If I like it AS MUCH as the Solingens (which btw I thought gave an *acceptable* shave BEFORE they even had bevels...) I'll keep it. But its nothing special. Otherwise I'll put it up cheap in the classifieds as a shave-ready/shaveable/almost shave ready razor for a newbie. We'll see. I like my quarter wedge 4/8s solingen blade, but this is VERY different... much heavier, adn the smile.... the smile is very nice for getting into the hollow areas in my neck (trachea LAWLZ nah JK JK) but I dunno if that outweighs the whole new style/different feel/weight (outweighs LAWLZ again). We'll see. The round points are prettu good at getting in there are the point can scrape a little but won't cut, unlike spikes, which left me with tiny red scratches. Not bleeders, but still. The Rodgers is close to a full wedge, while the Solingens have the double ground thing where they have like a hollow, then a further hollowing thing that you can see in the reflection. Big change.

    Anyway, I HAVE TO plug Utopians honing abilities. Holy Behjeezuhz dude! What did you do? Mind you the Rodgers is close to a full wedge, maybe Utopian will post with what it really is, but I'd say at least a IV on the Henckels scale, but I think its more of a III or II. Definately +infinity on recommending him as a honemeister.
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