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    Anyway.. The reason I think the razor in my first post might be one of the very early Jonathan Crookes razors is that it's a very simple stamp on it. Only "Jonathan Crookes" and the trademark "heart and pistol".. No "Sheffield".. No "Sheffield, England".. And the "pistol" graphic is different on the razor in my first post from the other, newer razor in my second post. It is much simpler. In my opinion this could indicate that it is made at a much earlier time. I guess I will never know..

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    This thread is quite relevant to my interests. i have a smiling edge/swayback Jonathan Crookes with heart and pistol, it's my only razor actually. The scales and the pin are quite primitive. the pin is just a hammered steel rod, and the scale slot is roughly carved out by hand. Dating these things seems pretty difficult.

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    I had my eye on a Crookes razor the other day when it came in to my realm of interest (7/8 and larger).
    However, the price became an issue. Seems some folks want to have what they want at *any* cost...
    Nevermind. Your razor is a fine one and I think, from the looks of the tail and the shape, that it's old.
    If we only had the access to all the newspapers with the adds of days gone by.

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