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    [QUOTE=Scipio;586719]When I think of Sheffields, I think of wedges, some with a slight hollow, but generally quarter hollow, which is more wedge than not. There are exceptions and some are full hollows, but in my experience the majority of Sheffields are wedge type.

    I own two Sheffields that are mine, in my rotation, one is a full hollow Bengal the other is a W&B Special full hollow... I don't like the way heavy blades feel...

    Solingen blades however, are mostly hollow ground towards the full type. Again there are exceptions, but most in my experience are full hollows.

    So as a very broad suggestion to your very broad question, you are in a way comparing wedges to hollows, which I believe is part of one of the reasons as to why an earlier response agreed that some Sheffields are harder to hone.

    I am obviously +1'n here I think this is dead on...[/QUOTE]

    Just between the two choices of steel and comparing apples to apples, of the full hollow grinds, in the size and type that I like personally, I would give the "Smooth" point to the Solingen razors... Barely !!!!! I find NO difference in the ease or difficulty of honing when comparing the same type of razor...
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    I'm not sure if it is what I'm used to, or if there really is a difference. My first blades were Duble Duck, Henckles and Union Cutlery. The first 2 being solingen, the third being US, and all three being full hollow. all were professionally honed. I recently added 2 W&Bs, one was a 9/16 barbers notch, the other a big chunk of 3/4+" steel with a very shallow hollow. They were honed by the same people who did the full hollow blades, but did not shave as close. I'm chalking it up to being "different" and expect to improve as I learn them.

    BTW, my 3 favorite shavers are US made. A Torrey and 2 Unions.


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    I like both, but agree that almost all the Solingen made blades are full hollow. There are exceptions, and I own, or have owned, full hollow Sheffield and quarter hollow Solingen razors, but as a general statement many Sheffield razors are quarter hollow, many Solingen blades are full hollow.

    Now it is also a general opinion of many senior members that a full hollow razor simply requires shaving technique that reflects experience. I have found this to be the case myself.

    So, what you may prefer are quarter to half hollow razors which happen to be made mostly, but not exclusively, in Sheffield, not necessarily Solingen vs. Sheffield.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joed View Post
    I've been honing for a couple of years now and am still learning. When I shave with a razor I honed early on it has a different feel than my more recently honed razors. When I go back and 'touch up' the razor with some of my more current learnings it falls into my current acceptance zone and changes my perception of the razor. So, just because a razor is honed and can shave hair doesn't mean it is honed up to it fullest potential. Like I said, I'm still learning and probably will till the day I die or go senile.
    Hey Joe -- you can still learn stuff when you're senile....sometimes the same stuff over and over and over. It's new every day! Sometimes every hour! Trust me, I'm daft already.
    Don't get hung up on hanging hairs.

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