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    Nice find, wolfman!
    I read the other comments... But I think this is a fabulous straight!
    I think the Japanese must have used some of their "Tamahagane" on these; they are are very hard to sharpen, but once sharp, they stay that way longer.
    I found some old kitchen knives (steak knives actually) also made by this same company (Eagle Brand Cutlery), and the steel has a pale, grey look (like a file). SO much carbon that the blades have to be varnished to keep from rusting, if you're not going to use them for awhile.
    Sorry for jumping in on an old post, but I just couldn't resist!

    I see where Thiers-Issard Eagle Brand Straight Razors are now going for approximately $250.00 each! Not sure if it's the same animal, but.....
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    Thanks CrewCut! I've been thinking about trying to get it honed up anyway to try it out. My only concern is that the scales are so thick and the tang is so short I could imagine it may be a little difficult to shave with, but this is encouraging!

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    i have the exact same razor. mine is a 3 piece set with 2 smaller knives about 1 1/4" each. 1 openes all the way around to 180 degrees for eye brouse, it has mother of pearl on one side and the other opens to a 90 degree angle with mother or pearl on both sides for mustache. i bought this set brand new about 35 years ago

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