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    Question Razor identification - Dominator & Safacto

    Greetings from Down-Under!

    I've just taken up the life long journey that is straight razor shaving and wow the learning curve sure is steep and exciting, and honing is proving a challenge to get that ultra-sharp edge (but hey that's another story). I'm just loving every minute of it.

    I have a question though about a couple of "cheapish" razors that I picked up recently. (chosen based on the look, style and condition more than name, it's all part of my trialling different razor types to see what fits well with myself)

    The first razor is a round point 6/8 straight with the markings "81" & "DOMINATOR" on one side of the tang, and


    on the other side.

    The other razor is a R & H Weber, Luzern, Safacto Special size 4/8

    Is there anyone out there that knows the history of these brands and who manufactured them? I haven't been able to find anything on the internet so far.

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    Sorry guy, i have never heard of them. I did notice that you chose 2 round points for your first razors. Good choice, they are more forgiving than any other point. I am sure others with more experience will chime in about the makes of your razors. Chances are, someone will know a little something about them. Welcome to SRP

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