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    Default The incredibly rare? Packwood 'Old English' razor

    The incredibly rare Packwood 'Old English' razor, along with the Greaves I picked up at the same time.:

    So rare, As a matter of fact... I can't ANY reference to an 'Old English' razor by Packwood, (or vice versa) on the internet, and the only reference to a 'Packwood' razor that I've found with a date is in the Henry T. Lummus article on Sheffield razors... (that date was 1828.)

    I'd really like to know more about this razor, but my search fu has run out.

    As you can see, the scales its wearing are way too short for the blade. (not sure what the scales are made of, horn maybe? The wedge is lead.) so I'm planning on making some new scales for it, but I'm definitely going to keep the old scales around.

    (I know these are the same 2 razors I posted the other day, but I want to find out more about that Packwood!)

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    I've seen a bunch of old razors with Packwood stamped on the tang, but I don't know anything about them.

    FWIW, it looks to me like your Packwood has been rescaled, but I could be wrong.

    Ran a quick search -
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    For kicks I did an advanced search on 'Packwood' and there were only two threads besides your two that had a post with one of those included. I only searched in the 'Razors' forum. No pertinent info on origin. There were many obscure Sheffield makers. Maybe Manah might have something on them if he see this thread.
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    I have this 'Old English'. Not Packwood but presumably W&B (according to Manah). The shape of the blade looks very much the same.
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    Stamp with phrase "Old English" on the top of the wedge blade was used by many makers at that time.
    There is no info about Packwood. In the Henry T.Lummus article, Packwood is "Unknown maker".

    P.S. I think Packwood razor was rescaled.
    Alex Ts.

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