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    Default Wade and Butcher

    Yesterday I went to Ace Hardware in Griffin Ga looking for some MAAS.
    Of course they did not stock it even though the web says they do.
    So I thought great that burned and extra 26 miles for nothing.

    Hit the home button on the gps and started down a main road and what do you know? A large antique store, had to check that out. First find was a Torry on the tag wow $40 I felt like I needed a tetnus shot just looking at it. Then I found another case that had 3 razors in it. One was worn out the 2nd had a big chip, but the 3rd was looking pretty good just a little rust on the tang and trigger. A Wade & Butcher special with yellow scales, for $12 I took it home.

    Got it all cleaned up, blade was dull but no hone marks on it. Set the bevel and went through the progression to 12k then some laps on the diamond .05 then .03 chromium oxide and stropped her up.

    Looked pretty good but, I noticed the quality of the metal just looked kind of crude. The texture looked like it had been heat treated and developed a scale on it and they just polished it up and sold it.

    What the heck? Lathered up and gave it a try. Looks like it has made it to the rotation. This half hollow gave a very nice smooth shave.

    I would call it a working mans razor.


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    Sounds like a good buy, I'm sure the Maas that Ace was lacking would have helped with the refurb. However I feel it should be pointed out that pictures are needed! I'm sure I'm not the only one that lives vicariously through the pictures posted on SRP.

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    +1 pics please.

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    Is it a regrind? There are some lovely one's to be had (even if it is a pity to do that to a beautiful wedge).

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    I'm always low on post cuz I usually post when I want to know something and now I agree with no1slacker

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