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    Quote Originally Posted by Birnando View Post
    That's a nice one Jimmy!
    I have one of these on the way here. How wide is the blade on yours?
    The one I recently bought is supposed to have a 1 inch blade.
    Birnando, I'd love to see your collection. That C-Mon Filly is a 5/8 or maybe 11/16. I am at work now so I cannot check.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyHAD View Post
    Birnando, I'd love to see your collection. That C-Mon Filly is a 5/8 or maybe 11/16. I am at work now so I cannot check.
    I'm pretty sure my humble collection is nothing compared to a lot of our friends in here
    But I'll be posting the new ones in the razor clubs!
    Here's the ebay number for the C-mon Filly i recently won:
    Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years....

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    Thankyou for all your replies, they are most appreciated.

    I feel now that yes they are good razors, but they are probably not worth those sky high prices people pay on the bay. I have a suspicion that a few inexperienced people hear of any brand and are mostly responsible for generating such prices. Why, it is probably several noobs bidding against each other, otherwise the prices would be more realistic.

    I'll stick to my Solingen's, Sheffields and Swedes. And a couple of old Frenchs I've got!

    If I do happen to walk into an antique store in Spain and snag a Filly for less than an arm and a leg, that will be how I acquire one!

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    Wise choice. You 'll have several great shavers for the price of one Filly and they'll probably have much nicer scales.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joed View Post
    Wise choice. You 'll have several great shavers for the price of one Filly and they'll probably have much nicer scales.
    Not hard to get nicer scales than what the typical Fil comes with. Made from Fisher-Price grade plastic, in hangover colors, it's almost like they thought that their blades were so good that they'd make the scales extra crappy to give the razors karmic balance or something.

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    Scipio, I'll make it easy for you. Do you need one? No.

    (But do pick one up if you see it for a reasonable price... good luck there!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scipio View Post

    What is so good about Filarmonicas? I just have to know. More accurately, rather than claiming that they are so good without ever having tried one, let me rephrase; why do they fetch so much?
    I think they fetch so much because of a perception of rarity/exclusivity, that has at least some basis in fact. There seem to be only a few sellers worldwide who either have possession of a large stash of NOS Filarmonicas, or access to a steady stream of them. The perception is that this could dry up any act now! But, it just hasn't happened.

    Filarmonicas are fine razors, with a good reputation among shavers. Combine that with a perception of scarcity and limited sellers, and you get high prices. The reason I believe there is at least some basis in fact for the scarcity perception is that with the prices they are fetching now, if there were large quantities of Filarmonicas just sitting out there in people's attics, they'd be hitting the market. There is only a trickle of Filarmonicas on the used market, and I find that odd.

    Only the NOS ones are fetching the outrageous prices. Used Filarmonicas tend to go for what a good used Puma, Dorko, Henckels, or similar go for in the same sizes. Not cheap, not outrageous.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scipio View Post
    What are they like to shave with? Are they that much better than say, a large C-mon Blackie I just bought for far cheaper than any Filly goes for on the open market?

    I'm looking for opinions of those who have tried both Solingens and Fillies.
    As a brand, my favorite razors are Filarmonica and Otto Busch Weltmeister. Closely followed by Henckels Friodur and Le Grelot. The features I like that these have in common are relatively fat spines with deep, sweeping hollow grinds, they take very keen edges and shave very smoothly. Filarmonicas are firmly in the "Late Period Solingen School" style of razor, in my thinking. They definitely don't remind me of any British or American razors.

    So, if you've shaved with any one of the higher-end Solingen hollow ground razors, I can't say you've missed anything by not owning a Filarmonica, and you probably saved money. But I will go as far as to say that the Filarmonica #14 EPBD, while the least gentle of the Filarmonicas, is the best production razor I've ever used. It's a lot like a big 8/8 Henckels Friodur, but more refined, and that's saying a lot. Like the big Friodur, it takes a fearsome edge (for me anyway), and is a very efficient shaver.

    I paid close to the current NOS prices for the one #14 EPBD I have about a year ago, and don't regret it. I wouldn't buy another, but just because of cost. But I have 5 other Filarmonicas that were all bought used for a fraction of that price, with only some minor staining, hone wear, missing gold wash, pitting, etc. All were reasonably priced, and were bought from the SRP Classifieds. I don't care about NOS, I just want the consistently good Filarmonica (or Busch, or Le Grelot, etc.) quality shave.

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