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    Default Experience with AOS Razor

    My wife, an amazing woman, purchased a AOS TI with blond horn scales for an anniversary present. My very first razor was an AOS TI, over two years ago, so she only new to purchase from there. I've since come to learn, of better value in other places/razor...this is neither here nor there.

    Upon inspection of my gift, I noticed what appeared to be heavy hone wear, and the hone line was not even. Now, I know they claim no "honing" is done at the factory, so I assumed maybe they were attempting to pass of a return item. I went to the store for an exchange, and spoke to the manager. When I told him my complaint, and pointed out what I was talking about, he didn't have any concept as to what I was saying. He brought out another razor, and it had the same issue. I looked through approximately 6 razors, all with horn scales and they had the same issue. I began to doubt my eye, but knew that this wasn't right. The manager was very nice throughout my critique and ended up giving us a refund. He said he apologized on behalf of the french guy who had too much wine for lunch and ground out a bad batch of razors. Good customer service, bad razors. Am I completely off, or is this common, or what? What happened?

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    From what I've seen, that is common on TI razors. It's a result of the grind not being perfect, which means that when they put on the factory edge, things turn out a little uneven. From my limited experience, it happens with Dovos too, but to a much lesser extent. My personal take is that the QC/fit & finish on TI's is not as good as Dovo's.

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    I'm pretty annoyed with mine also, I wish they had left the honing like a Solingen blade. Notice the HUGE bevel. It took me ages to get shave ready also, as this is some of the toughest steel that I have encountered. This is also a blonde horn model.
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