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    Default Beginner question about this Griffon Carbo-Magnetic....

    I found this awhile back but I have no idea what I have here. I'll be looking to get it honed and cleaned up and, hopefully, start shaving with it.

    Anyone know anything about this one? The other side of the blade has "Made For W. J. Heaman" on it.

    Any tips for how to get it cleaned up?

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    I found a Carbo-Magnetic in a flea market, cleaned it up lightly, honed it, but haven't had time to shave with it yet. You could try wiping the blade lightly with some Maas polish and then hone it. It appears to have been honed a little heavily at the toe, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem. I forget whether mine is also stamped "Made for W.J. Heaman" on it, and I'm too lazy at the moment to go check it out. I'll try to remember tomorrow.

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