I have not heard of a training tool such a hammer, screw driver and such, but by ignorance I purchused an old 1920's Boker "Ohio Farmer" for $35 at a local pawn shop. The razor's coffin was well worn, but the razor looked like new. The razor had no edge, a blunt edge. I honed it as soon as I got home. Talking to a friend about this razor, he stated this is known as a training straight razor used in barber colleges. Next time I went to get a haircut I asked my 70 year barber about training razors. He stated that in the early 1960's when he went to barber college they trained with these razors to learn how to handle and maneuver razors. My regret is that I honed this razor, but my consolation is, it is a great shaver. I wish I had a training razor when I first started, it would have been a lot safer on my face. My recomendation to any pre shaver is to get a training razor and practice with it and safe your face, for me it is too late. Juan