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    Default My mother has again been enabling my RAD

    A few months ago my mother visited an annual antiques fair that is held near where my parents live in Australia. Before she went there she asked me if I would like her to look out for anything. And so she was looking for straight razors when she found this little beauty and another razor. This one in the picture is a number 42 Blue Wonder. It has a little rust at the toe and also had gunk and rust at the pivot. So this morning I unpinned it, gave it a bit of a clean up, re-pinned and honed. The hone wear is from me honing it today. Before I got it, it was a virgin. Never been honed before. It did however have a tiny chip about 1/16ths of an inch or smaller. It honed out really easily. Now I'm just waiting for tomorrow's trip to the gym to try it out for the first time.Name:  SAM_0388.jpg
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    The other razor, which I don't have any picture yet, is a J.Tennyson from Mushroom Lane Sheffield. The weird thing about this razor, apart from the fact that I can't find anything about J.Tennyson from Mushroom Lane is that the scales are made from what looks like compressed leather. It's definitely not horn, not plastic, not shiny, and looks like it is fibrous. I'll upload some pictures of this one later.

    PS. I'm not going to out the Blue Wonder tonight because I'm eagerly awaiting my first sauna after the gym for almost two years.

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    Thats awesome. let me know how it shaves. I had one just like that for a while. Never got to shave with it though....
    Enjoy the sauna
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    Congrats . I guess the Tennyson scales could be leather but another material used in the day was Gutta Percha resin.
    gutta-percha (latex product) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia

    Hey Grant, it's easier to bend the scales
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    I'm interested in seeing those scales when you get a chance to post them up!

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