+1 on the leather case issue. Long term it doesn't help your razor.

I don't have a TI but NONE of my razors are showing similar corrosion. I keep them in my dresser; safe, dry, surrounded by socks. I will keep my current shaver in the bathroom, but I make sure the blade and scales are completely dry before storing, and if I'm not 100% positive I'll be using it within 24hrs, I'll take a Q-tip and put some mineral oil on it.

Don't know about an olive jar, but there's a bacon bit jar (Hormel Real Bacon Bits) in the fridge that is nearly empty. When it gives it's last, it's going to get filled with oil/alcohol mixture for the suggestion above. The jar is about 1.5" wide and 6.5" deep, perfect size to dip a blade into.

Lastly, I'll throw out this idea for the more experienced guys to chew on: try waxing the blade with a car wax. The tang, shank, spine, face, and back of the blade will be protected. It won't protect the bevel...and maybe the alcohol would strip it off :shrug but it's an idea that came to mind while typing.