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Thread: Imperial Razor with aluminum scales

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    You'll want to keep the razor nice and dry. Galvanic corrosion as a result of the dissimilarity of the metals is a potential problem. In a conducive environment (warm, damp) aluminum can oxidize faster than you'd think.

    As PHANTZM mentioned, should you choose function over form (detracting somewhat from originality in favor of durability) anodizing is an excellent option to prevent this condition. Anodizing can be done relatively easily at home: Anodizing Metal at Home (The LJS method)

    Good Luck!

    EDIT: Just noticed I was replying to the OP from 2011.

    Never mind!
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    I have several with aluminum scales, including the one linked by regularjoe above. Never any issues with them. Looks like this one had some gold decoration in the carving. Might be neat to polish them and redo that?

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