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Thread: Thoughts on M Livi razors? On the verge of buying one...

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    Ok, guys, succumbed to the peer pressure. I'm gonna bust out the 8/8 Livi stainless tonight.

    Here's a lousy cellphone camera shot of this fine shaver....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falafel View Post
    Thanks for posting that video Howard; his Damascus steel is stunning. As a shaver and collector (although somewhat new), the price tag on this caliber of craftsmanship seems well warranted. In consideration of prices I'm seeing on eBay these days, I find it difficult to ignore such rationale: “instead of forking-over X amount of dollars, I’ll just save a little extra and own a custom work of art.” To illustrate, I'm writing this and looking at an eBay listing for a NOS Filly Doble Temple (#13)… nine hundred dollars! I thought I was paying a lot for this same razor just a few years ago when Tanowa (who I’d vouch for any day) charged me under two hundred. Her razor and its box were in mint condition. Obviously the purchaser determines the value of a razor—as it’s frequently stated on these forums; but considering that out-of-production razors are sold with warped scales, an intrinsic potency to cell rot, and in some cases of restoration, hollow grounds/singing razors are reduced to brittle compositions, it seems logical to refrain from jumping on the next Buy It Now Puma Gold and secure the means for the likes of a Livi. Sorry to rant, I think the eBay listing set me off…
    Hi Falafel,

    Just wanted you to see it in perspective. If he comes up with a more standard size version, I'll probably be saving for one too.

    Kindest Regards,


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