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    Default Your Razor With The Squarest Heel

    I'm interested in really distinct square heeled razors, 6/8. I'm trying to find a razor with a heel that's almost like a spike point. Does such a thing exist? Just interested in seeing how spiky a heel can get (but not on a custom). This is nothing about buying anything, I'm just interested in how angular the heel on razors have been over the years. From what I can see so far there's not a lot of razors that have a very angular heel. The reason I ask is that a fair part of my shave is with the heel around the goatee...
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    I am in the same boat. I have contemplated both a custom and/or performing a modification to one of my favorite shavers...

    I am interested to see what shows up!

    So far my best solution is to use an old blade with a stabilizer. I honed it right to the stabilizer, and blunted the stabilizer. This way I know exactly where the line is, and I drag the dull stabilizer through my beard and shave a decent line...but not as good as it could be
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    Kamisori will fill the bill for you.

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    I would have to search through the pile but I don't think I've had such a razor. It seems to me that the mfgs , in modern times anyway, make more round points than anything. I think they would be afraid that a spike/heel would be dangerous for the average user.

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    I have a case red imp and it's got the wickedest spike I have ever used. As I recall it's a 5/8s though.
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    I think the rounding at the heel if for strength / stability of the blade.
    I suppose someone could still put the stabilizers there and not grind it round - I've never seen one like that though.

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