I have a Dovo imitation tortoise 5/8 straight razor that I bought just over a year ago. I quickly managed to chip the blade, but I happen to live a few hours from Lynn Abrams. He fixed the blade and gave me a series of lessons on all things shaving. About 6 months later the blade really became dull. I used a 12000 Naniwa in an attempt to get it back in shape. When that didn't work, I stepped bought an 8000 Naniwa. I'm using the 8000, 12000, chromium oxide on the back of the cloth strop, and then a paddle strop with diamond spray, rough leather straight paddle, smooth leather straight paddle. When Lynn gave me the honing lesson, he had me hone a Gold Dollar razor which I have never used and have kept as a reference. I am positive that I am getting the Dovo just as sharp; however, I can only shave one cheek before the razor dulls and pulls on the hairs. Did I somehow mess up the bevel and need to get it reset? Any help would be appreciated.