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    Default Straight Razor's single greatest advantage over DE's or modern day disposables?

    A straight razor turned a required task that I hated, shaving, into a journey that I now love & look forward to each day.
    On this journey of the past 2 years, a straight razor has educated me on how to hone/sharpen edged equipment, other than razors.
    I have learned to make things with my hands (scales).
    A straight razor brought me to this forum, where I have met, via the internet & in person, people who are now my friends.
    A straight razor that I now use, was used by my grandfathers going back to the 1820's. I feel a connection.

    I don't really understand the mechanics of one instrument's sharpness versus another's; not at this point in my journey.

    I just know that a straight razor has made a big difference in my simple life.

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    I've shaved quite a bit with Merkur slants and Feather blades. Now if these Feather supers you refer to are the folding razor variety I have no experience with them at all. With the Feather DE all I can say is they are very nice blades IME. Matter of fact, they are my go to DE blade, when I do use one, since I have a stash rat holed.

    As to the difference between straight razor shavers and DE shavers ........ straight razor shavers are cool and they can kick your ass ..........
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