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    Default Boker Red Injun's

    I bought one of these off of ebay in new condition and another member bid on what he thought was the original one. I told him that I bought it and had it in my hands. He bid on one and paid a bit more. That got me to thinking where did this seller get not only one but two of these H. Boker Red Injun straights in brand new condition. So I emailed the guy and told him how thrilled I am with the razor and that I noticed he was selling another two of them in the same condition as the one I bought and told him I may be intersted in buying more of them. This morning I get an email from the seller stating that he has 11 more of them in the same NEW condition. Now of course the questions start to surface. Did I buy a fake? Where would he get 14 or 15 of these in New condition? Why would anyone make a fake to recover $42.00 . It just doesn't make sence. How can I tell if this razor is the real M'coy or a replica? Every thing looks like it is on the up and up, but I wonder?
    P.S. This razor is the best shaver out of the three that I have by a long shot!
    When did they stop making H. Boker's?
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    I was looking at this razor myself. Hoped to get it cheaper. With 11 more - good call I hope... I just have a Boker and this is not high on my list

    Now, I am pretty positive it's the real deal. It's not unusual to find NOS - look at John Crowley's Shaving Shop. He had a bunch of Friodurs, now Dorkos, etc.


    ps I am sure you can send it to Lynn for a test

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    I also have a Boker Red Injun and they are
    very good razors.

    I'm confident that yours is the real McCoy and
    not a fake.

    As to where this guy got all of these in new
    condition? Hard to say.

    My guess is that these razors were made
    in the 1920's or '30's and by this time
    straights were just not selling. I would
    imagine a lot of razors being made during
    this time were never used.


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    Yeah, NOS razors are still fairly easy to find. They're unused but with a connection to the past. The best of both worlds. Nice score, Donald

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    NOS razors still come up fairly often. I've got a NOS Puma, Heljestrand, Wonderedge, several Friodurs, Clauss Barber's Special, and just scored a NOS Shuredge with a hammered shank. There was a NOS 19th century Wade & Butcher "Celebrated Razor for Barber's Use" on ebay a few days ago.

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    And I'm the other member that just won the other one.

    I trust that the seller will be more communicative with the next person because, for me he has made things most difficult. He just point blank does not answer any of my emails, has not even acknowledged me even once.

    Donald with your bit of info, perhaps the price may be better for the next 11 razors.

    If my buy is ever completed, Lynn will be able to tell us if it's the real deal or not because that is where mine is off to


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    A lot of the NOS razors come from distributors and old time barbershop suppliers. They simply have them in their warehouse, forgotten, until someone comes along and asks.
    Thats how I got a bunch of them.
    Randolph Tuttle, a SRP Mentor for residents of Minnesota & western Wisconsin

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