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Thread: Break in period?

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    Default Break in period?

    Hi all. I just got into DE safety razor shaving to combat razor bumps on my neck, however my neck seems to be breaking out even more than when I was using my multiblade razor. I've had about 4 shaves over the last week and a bit. Is there a break in period for my skin to get used to the new shaving style? Any advice would be helpful.

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    Many will say, and I will too, that DE's are one way to eliminate those bumps, which often are caused by ingrown hairs. Have you mapped your beard growth direction? Unlike cartridges that just cut as close as possible in the quickest time, the DE, single blade approach is to reduce hair using several passes, starting with the grain(WTG), then across the grain(XTG), and then possibly against the grain(ATG) There is a high probability that you are both going ATG early on in places on your neck, and using too much pressure, again an issue coming from cartridges. Bear in mind that unlike the face where hair growth direction is pretty straightforward, on the neck it tends to switch directions frequently adding to the problem.
    Map your beard, especially on the neck, ensure your preparation is good, and go lightly. Good luck!

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    Maybe a break-in period in the sense you have to learn a few skills not unlike a straight razor though the learning curve is much briefer.

    Watch your pressure and the angle you use and the number of passes. After that maybe a different blade for experimenting.
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    Yes I do believe your face has been shocked by using a double edge razor but this is actually a good thing. You are in control on how you shave regardless of method. Go easy and lightly and I would only recommend two passes per shave WTG & ATG for at least a month until you feel very comfortable with what you are doing. Applying a good shave cream of soap is very important as it will lubricate you skin for the onslaught of a razor blade. And finally you might want to try other blades to see if there is a difference pertaining to your skin. Congratulations on a major step into real wet shaving.

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    I never used a DE or pre shave oil but haven't seen anybody advise using the pre shave oil yet. Wouldn't that be good ? I am lucky in that I have never had a problem but like to know what to advise guys in my world.
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    I remember 7 years ago when I switched from a Mach3 to a DE. It took over a week before my face got used to the DE shaves. I shaved 5 times a week then.

    Since you're switching from a multiblade, then you're probably used to pushing the razor against your face and dragging it along to shave. Don't do that with the DE. The DE doesn't need that much pressure. You can lightly place the DE on your face and use the weight of the DE to shave as you drag it along your face. Too much pressure will result in razor burn, especially around the neck area. Practice the light pressure & good shave angle and your shaves will improve.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of wet shaving.
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    I'm not sure about a break-in time, the first time I picked up a DE was after I shaved with a straight for a year. No issues for me.

    You have received some great advice so far, and I have to agree. Angle, pressure, passes, prep - all will affect the final outcome just as much as "skin conditioning" - especially if you are used to using a cartridge.
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    Absolutely, there is a break in period for your technique, and your skin. I have walked the same road not long ago. The advice I received was to remember you are working on beard reduction using multiple passes, not beard eradication. Let the weight of the razor do the work, as opposed to the force used on a multiblade. Tried AOS shave oil, and Shave Secret along with a good lather, and it helped. Only use soap or cream. Time, a light touch, and allowing your face to adjust to a sharp piece of steel. Stay with it, and you'll be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfry View Post
    Hi all. I just got into DE safety razor shaving to combat razor bumps on my neck, however my neck seems to be breaking out even more than when I was using my multiblade razor. I've had about 4 shaves over the last week and a bit. Is there a break in period for my skin to get used to the new shaving style? Any advice would be helpful.
    I don't think the DE razor is the cause of your bumps because you are experiencing the same thing with a multiblade razor. It may be a technique problem, such as pressing the razor too hard against your face. I'd be interested in knowing what DE razor you use and what blade you use.

    Since you have only posted three times I looked to try and find out what soap or cream you were using. You mentioned Musgo Real cream as something you were interested in trying and that's great stuff! I got a BBS shave yesterday with Musgo.

    Someone mentioned mapping the direction of hair growth on your face. Here is a picture of how a barber would shave you that you can look at. Your hair might grow in a different direction in some places (mine grows more diagonally in sections 4 and 9), but this may help:

    Name:  barber-beard-growth.jpg
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