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Thread: Latest Vintage Purchase

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    I remember my father shaving with a vey old 3 piece Gillette. Found one that comes close to the one he used. As far as I knew that was the only razor he had. Mine is about 80 yrs old. When it came I sat down and did a good polishing with Maas, washed it and finished with an old soft toothbrush and rubbing alcohol to disinfect it. Blade of choice is Astra Premium. Not adjustable but the closest, smoothest shave a DE can give next to a str8. That old toothbrush is handy for cleaning tight places on the DE. Its in my rotation with my str8's. Never one to do things half way I also added an old injector razor and a Valet auto strop for occasional use )like bored with str8 or DE).
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    I like Astra & Feather DE blades. As far as cleaning, some metal polish a toothbrush with tooth paste, and some elbow grease. Looks like a great find!

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