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Thread: Neck Irritation

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    Another approach is this one my dermatologist suggested when I complained about neck irritation. I have been using a non foaming, non soap called Cetaphil. Designed for problem and sensitive skin. I found that there are a lot of brands with the same ingredients for less money. He said to coat my neck on the thickish side and then shave. It has a slippery component to it that made my razor glide over my neck and took off the beard nicely. Rinse and you're done. My go to process any time my neck gets sensitive and irritated.
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    I have sensitive skin and get excellent shaves from a DE every time.

    First, try a reputable blade or better yet get a blade sampler. Second, your angle and pressure probably aren't as perfect as you think they are, so really concentrate on shallow angle and basically zero pressure. Third, try to avoid ATG on your neck.

    Most people forget that DE's have their own learning curve and skill set. Stick with it, it will get better

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    Ryan's advice is sound. The only thing I can add to it is this: try to limit your strokes over the same spot. Remember you shave in passes. If you go over the same spot numerous times on one pass, by the time you have finished your second or third pass you will have shaved the sensitive areas raw. This can happen especially on the neck.

    The double edge razor is a formidable shaving too. If used properly, it will give you fabulous shaves.

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