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Thread: Ok it's official I'm hooked!!!

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    Default Ok it's official I'm hooked!!!

    After being fed up with the prices of replacement cartridges for my Mach 3, it dawned on me there had to be a better a option. so I started looking on the internet and found wet shaving. and I remembered being at my great grandfather. house when I was young and seeing him shave with his double edge razor he even let me use his soap and brush to lather up my face and his razor after he had taken the blade out. I can still remember that wonderful smell of that soap.

    So wanting to take the plunge I decided I was going to go with a straight razor, while browsing an antique shop I found a Gillette Adjustable razor I believe it's a fatboy, it only cost 3 dollars so I bought it went to Wal-Mart bought a cheap brush and soap came home and tried it, and it was remarkable brought back a lot of memories of my great grandfather, and was really surprised how good of a shave I got on my first attempt, my 17 year old son gave it a try and he loved it he has already gotten some of his friends interested.

    I'm still going to get my straight razor, and a decent brush, but with the learning curve I know I'll get lots of use with the DE razor while I learn to master the straight.
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    Great stoy, and welcome to the real shaving world!

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    Welcome to SRP and Wet Shaving, you are amongst friends...

    I recently gave my brother his "Birth Razor" A Gillett SS made the quarter he was born.
    And I set him up with blades, a brush and an assortment of soaps and cremes to try.

    The other day he wrote me from Baghdad, his Proraso was running low and he was thinking about getting some Arko, easy to find in the local market.
    And he said he was not going back to canned goo...

    Good luck and Smooth Shaving...
    Support Movember!
    SRP Team USA

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    Thanks for sharing. In my opinion a DE is the perfect alternative to the SR. Many of us use both, and while a DE can provide an excellent shave using a straight razor is much more fun. Don't give up on that dream
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    i remember moving from gillete mach to DE's a couple of years ago..made a whole load of difference, loved it
    Just bought a straight and all the bits really looking forward to that!

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    Welcome. This forum is a great source of info on any aspect of wet shaving. There are no stupid questions and believe me I've asked a few. The folks here have a vast amount of knowledge they are willing to share with you on any thing you can imagine and they for the most part are very open and helpful.

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