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Thread: Gillette Fusion Prolide or DE Shaving, Skin way too sensitive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glow View Post
    No matter what shaving product I use, my neck ALWAYS breaks out, wheather it's skin irritation, razor burns, bumps, you name it I got it. More with Proglide, less with a DE. BUT, there is one pro and con to using the Proglide and a DE razor,

    Fusion Proglide Power (being turned on) the shave is quick and convenient, no cuts, but the neck skin breaks out after shaving.

    Wilkinson Sword Classic razor with Astra SP or WS DE, the shave is a bit slower, less irritation on neck than the Proglide, but going ATG.. the cuts!! the cuts and nicks are horrible, 45 degree angle, 40 degree angle, warm water, hot water, cold water, any angle, any water, the cuts and nicks WILL happen!

    So, I don't like having irritation on my neck therefore I use the DE. But then I get cuts.. which I don't like.
    I don't like the nicks and cuts, so I use a Proglide, But then I get irritation, which I also don't like.

    ALSO, I use a soap to make lather.

    Can anyone please tell me what other techniques I can use. Thank you!!

    - Peter
    I don't know how old you are, but I had 40 bad years of shaving experiences with electric and multiblade razors. Don't follow my footsteps.

    When I tried my first DE razor at the Age of 54, I couldn't believe how much better it was, both in terms of closeness and comfort.

    Throw that Fusion away, please!
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    Straight razor shaver and loving it!
    40-year survivor of electric and multiblade razors

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    Gillette Fusion Proglide?!
    Oh....I apologize for using foul language on this site.

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    I've found that RazoRock AS wax works wonders for a bad shave. A cheaper option to these two -Proraso and or Prep pre/post shaves, is Noxzema, only Noxzema comes in a much larger tub and cost less, reduces irritation and will reduce redness of the skin.
    I know pressure can be a major culprit, but the blades you use can make a huge difference also. I would stick with the DE too maybe change the blade at least or try a different brand of DE blade.
    Here's some rules I follow
    Keep your face wet
    No pressure
    watch your angle
    If your getting cut one of these is most likely the problem

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    Im definetly NOT quitting DE shaving, it's just the cuts that kinda hinder me from DE shaving. Both carts and the DE to me have their pros and cons.
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