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    Default Safety Razor shaving: keep getting small nics

    Hi All,

    I've been using a safety razor for almost a year now. I made the switch when I ran out of Mach 3 cartridges and didn't want to spend $20 for 4 blades. I now actually look forward to shaving! When I started using a safety razor things went really well. I watched the video on The Art of Manliness blog, which was really helpful. I almost never cut myself. Recently though I get small nics almost every time, especially above my lip and just above the goatee area. I've tried changing the blade (thinking it was dull). I always shave after a hot shower. Last time I even tried shaving really slow thinking maybe I was going too fast now that I was used to it. I use a Merkur long handle with Feather blades. Any thoughts on why I keep getting nicked?


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    Try a little less pressure, the long handle gives a lot of pressure when you hold it at the bottom of the handle, choke up on the handle till you get less pressure, also make sure your angle is not to steep. It could also be the feather blades, try a less aggressive blade like a astra or a derby.

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    Speed might not be too much of a worry but you do have to be deliberate. When I started with a shavette I was super careful and never had too many troubles, but as time went on I got a bit careless, mind off the job and wow you can cut yourself then!

    I always got more nicks on a new blade than an old one, and I hear Feather blades are just about the sharpest. Try super super light pressure and do two passes if you need to. On the upper lip are you shaving across the grain or against it? That will bring out blood spots pretty quick too, maybe try a different direction.

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