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    Default Best Safety Razor?

    I have been looking for a good straight razor. Anyone have some suggestions? I have sensitive skin and love a close shave. Please let me know!

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    Two things:
    Your title indicates a "safety razor," which is the double edge razor, whereas your question refers to the straight razor. Which is it?
    If we're discussing the straight razor that might suit you well, you have a wide choice. I suggest starting out with a 5/8 Ralf Aust. That is an excellent razor for the money. There are also some good razors in the Classified. By all means, avoid buying your first razor on eBay, because some of the descriptions are lofty, so you don't know what you get. Wait until you know your way around the straight razor world before tackling eBay razors.
    Dovo and Boker have good razors for a first. Stay with the 5/8 round point that is shave ready for starters. That is a good size and quite maneuverable.

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    Obie has good advise. the only thing I might add is if your new to straight razors to watch the videos on straight razor shaving. very informative these guys know what there doing and showing the proper technics.

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