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Thread: Just switched from a straight - need advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnG10 View Post
    I'm using a knock-off of the Gillette Superspeed (Micro Touch One) and Dorko platinum blades. The razor has a nice weight (brass head & handle) and seems to have good machining (blade sits flat and have even exposure on both sides).

    The razor is very mild, and requires 3 passes - but I get a closer shave than using 2 passes with a straight. I'm using the same soap and lather hydration as with my straight, and no pressure at all.

    With my straight, I've never been able to get BBS on the neck because the whiskers grow sideways. With the DE, ATG is possible on the neck and I get BBS.
    However, I'm getting razor burn on the neck, and a few weepers on the chin groove and upper lip curve.

    The shaving sound is the same as my full hollow straights, so I think the angle is OK. I carefully used no pressure today and still got razor burn on my neck.

    Is it likely that a more aggressive razor that would do BBS with 2 passes rather than 3 (like my straights) or a different blade would fix the problem?

    Or is it likely I just need more time to perfect my technique (although it doesn't seem much different than using my straights - which I've been using daily about 3.5 years) ?

    Thanks for the help !

    I bought a blade sampler and was amazed...amazed! at the difference between blades on my skin. The feather and Gillette 7 oclock were the best and the shark, lords were the harshest for me...ymmv of course. I'd try several to see what works for you if you haven't already.

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    When I was using a DE, my favorite blade was Kai. The steel was thicker and it was just a hair less sharp than Feather. I got my best shaves with them. But when it comes to DE blades, there are no absolute truths.

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    For me I found the best shaves to come from either my Gillette Fat Boy, or my Futura. Both these razors are fairly aggressive and both are dialed up to be that way. I have used lots of different blades and for me the Astra's do the best. Astra's are sharp enough for several shaves, and seem to be very forgiving. As for soaps, I have and use to many to list, but all seem to work well with what or how I am doing. My beard does not grow as fast as I like (more to shave). For me I found that skipping the third pass has helped to eliminate the razor burn. My first pass is just strait down my face and neck, second is against the grain, using only the weight of the razor, I use no pressure at all. I know that if I am using any pressure at all then I have a dull blade, and know I am going to get razor burn. I also know the value of a good aftershave regiment. Always after a shave I use an Alum block, then aftershave lotion/splash. If I feel any irritation then I get out the Aloe Vera, either a leaf, or lotion. In any case I am more likely to get razor burn on my neck and form me thats the most irritating. I hope this helps you

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    For anyone who cant get a BSS shave with a SR I'd suggest trying a different SR grind. I've moved away from double hollow grinds to more of a wedge, 1/4s, half wedges work better for me. Honing is an important part of the process but if you really have a shave ready SR getting a clean comfortable shave is easy.

    I'm not discounting skill and expierence at all yea you need tons of it, but the SR IMO is the most comfortable. I found my perfect blade for now a Wade & Butcheer Rattler. Only 2 other SR's both W&B's come close to this Rattler. Keep searching because the perfect "for now" SR is out there for you.

    And as I said before nothing wrong with a good DE I still use one when I am rushed for time. Both deliver the same results.

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    I went from DE to SR, and it really helped me develop a lighter touch.

    And I tried all sorts of blades and at least 7 different razors. I liked the Super Speed best of TTO's (and it's still my travel razor), but use 1920-ish open-combs now when i use a DE. I never could tell a lot of difference in all the blades. I finally bought a 100 Feathers, and have about 150 in various others. I did try. edit: I suppose if I only ever shaved DE I would eventually find the nuances there.

    I can't imagine going back. I really can't.

    I burned myself and nicked myself more with the DE than the SR. I noted that i had a micro bump this morning, running late, shaved right over it NP with whatever SR i had in hand. I surprised me, and no way i could have dragged a DE over that same bump without whacking it open.

    Best of luck.
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    I found i would always got ingrown hairs when i went ATG 'till i switched to the adjustable and did the ATG pass with it set on 1 (very mild) and flattened the angle. Maybe flattening the angle on the final pass would help?

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