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Thread: How many uses from a double edge safety razor blade?

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    I find it also depends on which razor I'm using. I get 3-5 shaves with a Feather in my Gillette Rocket and up to 7 in my Merkur 15c.

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    For me, it depends on the blade and the Razor. With Wilkinson Sword, 2 to 5 shaves as a normal. Gillette Blades are about the same for me. Astra's are my performers. I get about 9 shaves out of them, and as a bonus they are also the cheapest at about 9 cents a blade. I use different razors for all these blades. My Fat Boy gets good mileage, and I have one Flairtip that does well but the best comes from a Futura, I think it is because of the openness around the blade. If you haven't tried it yet, you could try Corking the blade. I have heard it works on the cheaper blades. As for feathers blades my thought with them was that they come so sharp and the cutting edge is so thin that they dull quickly. Just a thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deepweeds View Post
    I wonder if the drying between strokes and after use is the culprit, if you're wiping the edge to dry it. I have heard that DE blades have a coating if some kind; I've even had DE blade packages (can't recall brand) that advise not to wipe the blades. After use, I loosen the head to get air-flow to the blade and just let it air dry.

    Others will know more, but you might try forgoing the wiping (if you are), and see if you get more life from a blade. I usually see 5-8 shave with no real trouble.

    In my limited experience with DE's I have been rinsing the blade under hot water when I'm done and just sandwiching it between two sheets of tissue paper to dry, no wiping. This has worked well so far.

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