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    Lightbulb best blade for a specific razor?

    so, I know that everybody has specific preferences for their own blades. but out of curiosity I was wondering, if with a certain razor people tend to lean towards a specific blade more than others. so tell me what kind of blade you use with a merkur progress, and I will keep track of the votes. nothing formal, just a scientific curiosity.

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    Your going to struggle with this question. Oh so many preferences.

    I used DE's for a while and each razor was different and different blades felt different in each razor. it's more to do with how aggressive or mild a fixed gap razor is. The only DE I found would make the best of "almost" any blade was the Merkur Progress adjustable DE as I could dial in the blade to suit the feel I liked. Ok some blades are crap on any setting but generally most of the quality blades made today will give you a good shave.

    Feather blades are considered to be the sharpest blades by many. In a shavette they were harsh, in my Parker DE they were harsh, in my Merkur Progress they were excellent on a mild setting. Horses for courses.

    I much prefer a straight sharpened to how I like it today. No messing around with razor blades, just a good shave and much smoother than any razor fitted with a blade I have ever tried.

    I don't think science will be much help here as we are all individuals and "some like it rough" as they say and others simply don't.
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    I don't think you'll get a satisfactory answer because to give one is near impossible. Not only is personal preference going to play a factor but the fact is that a particular brand of blade may not perform the same in identical razors.

    Your best bet would be to buy a sample pack with a wide variety of blades. Yes, it will take some time to make your way through them but it's the best way to find out what works for you.

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