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Thread: A New Acquisition (Gillette)

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlmaloschneider View Post
    Actuially, just looked up the site Zephyr posted and it's one of these, a 1920's pocket edition (without the case).
    Thanks Zephyr!
    EDIT, with no serial number on the bottom plate...
    EDIT EDIT, or similar, I now see there's a whole bunch that are very much similar from the '20s.
    Yes, there are quite a few variations

    I've bought a couple DE's lately, from using straights exclusively for several years I now enjoy using a DE from time to time.One of them is an Old Type, aggressive, but a he** of a shaver
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    Quote Originally Posted by BobH View Post
    Yea, unless you are prepared to put as much thought and concentration into your shave as with a straight I would leave aggressive DEs alone. OTH if you have to put thought and concentration into a shave like you do with a straight why not just use a straight. One thing for sure is that the vintage Gillette DE world offers a confusing and enjoyable variety to pick from.

    Even though I generally take only ten minutes to shave with a straight, shaving with a DE is faster and fun sometimes. There sure does seem to be a big range!
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