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Thread: How many time per blade!

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    Shark blades, 4 shaves easily.

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    I use them till they are uncomfortable, I've learned to tell when to change just before it's uncomfortable. You don't want or need a blade that pulls and of course it's a YMMV thing, some can go a week of daily shaves and some only get one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suits123 View Post
    Just got a DE for the days I am super busy and don't have time to strop. The little card that came with my razors said you can get 5 shaves per razor, seems a little high to me. Is one-two normal or am I wasting money by throwing them away too soon. Or is it strictly a YMMV thing?
    It really does vary. Take Dorco blades for instance, I don't even get 1

    On average I can push a blade to 4 good and 1 ok shave but if heavy growth is happening I'm lucky to get 2.

    Try a good few blades and see what suits and how long it's comfortable.
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