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Thread: DE Razor Burn

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    SR shavers do find it odd that a safety razor would cause them pain where a naked blade doesn't. With a SR you can, to certain extent, personalize the ange of the edge. If the edge isn't smooth, you can strop it. You have control over every aspect of it. With a DE blade, it is what it is from the factory. Add to that the fact that the razor head puts a curve in the blade, setting the angle of attack, and you can begin to see why picking a blade to match your razor and your face is such a big deal. One of the most recommended blades out there burns my neck every time. I'm not saying "blame the equipment" because SR shavers do have a slight tendency to treat a DE like a cartridge razor, which it is certainly not. But if you're watching the pressure and still getting burned, the blade is likely the culprit. You'd be amazed at how much time and effort and note-taking a dedicated DE shaver can put into going on safari for the perfect blade for each of his or her razors.

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    I just wanted to give a quick update on where I landed with this. I rotated a few more Shark blades in my DE and really did not see the improvements I was hoping for, so - I ordered some Feather blades and gave them a try. I could immediately tell the difference. A smoother shaving stroke and absolutely no razor burn.

    I guess my face/beard doesn't like for the Shark blades much, but I am sure they are fine blades. They just didn't work for me. The feathers gave me a better shave and eliminated that nasty razor burn. Thanks for all of the feedback and suggestions. I appreciate it.
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    Thanks for letting us know the outcome. Great that you were able to find a compatible blade so quickly.

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