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Thread: What is the double edge learning curve for an experienced straight shaver?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaveDude View Post
    I think the samplers is the way to go. By the time you are done the issue of technique vs equipment should be answered. As a straight razor shaver you will have less bad habits to overcome. Ending with feather is right too.
    Thanks for that.

    ...I'm glad to hear your straight is so close a shave. I was beginning to get worried.
    Getting it right isn't exactly an overnight thing. I had an easy start but it still took a long while to get relaxed and consistent. Safety razors are certainly less of a challenge for very good results.
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    Regarding the Merkur slant versus the R-41, I only know the Muhle by reputation. Reading experienced DE shavers saying they had to approach it with the same caution and focus they use for a straight caused me to ask myself if I needed yet another DE. So I don't know about the R-41 and I'm not likely to try one in the future. I've tried about all of the Gillettes from the 1903 double ring, I used to have the whole set from '03 to '06, to the Red Tip Super Speeds and Fatboys of the 1950s and '60s. I've still got Big Fellows, Aristocrats, and other TTOs and 3 piece Gillettes that I've shaved with. A Barbasol and some other odds and ends.

    A helluva lot of Slants, branded and no-name, and tried them all. So the Merkur was the top dog until the Ikon came along. I've only had 3 shaves with it so I want to give it a few more and then go back to the 137C before I commit to say the Ikon is the winner.

    But I digress, all of that blather is just to say that I have a lot of experience shaving with the contraptions, instead of a 'real' razor that folds into the scales. My favorite might be the worst one for you or vice versa. Just like with the blades, a sampler pack is the best way to go. DEs and blades optimize YMMV, just IMHO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterMoo View Post
    Thanks for that.

    Getting it right isn't exactly an overnight thing. I had an easy start but it still took a long while to get relaxed and consistent. Safety razors are certainly less of a challenge for very good results.
    I think that sums up the difference that I experienced .. fast start with the DE after some years with carts (I started shving in the early 60's with a Gillette Adjustable) and maybe two-three months to get really good, satisfying BBS with the DE. Same for the Injectors. I have been "training" with the straights for 5 or 6 months, still slow and not there yet.

    Thinking maybe the difference is that the DE/SE motion is ingrained even with a cartridge, unless you have been using a buzzer, but the motion and the moves with the straight are foreign to prior experiences

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyHAD View Post
    the Merkur 137C or 139C slant was my absolute go to DE until I picked up a used Ikon slant at a reasonable price. Feather blades are my choice but, as we all know, YMMV on that. Just my 2 bits.
    +1 To JimmyHAD's comments
    Have not had a chance to try the Ikon, but I do have the Merkur and teamed up with the Feather (YMMV) I can get a good, but not Straight quality, shave.

    For comparison with the Straight and a very early AM shave I do not need to re-shave for an "event" in the evening.
    With a Cart I do.
    With a DE it depends, but I can get by with the slant, not with with the Weber or Super Speed (the older, non-flair Super Speeds are excellent all around TTO DE's BTW)
    SWMBO is very tuned in to the scratchiness factor and when we travel together and I use a cart she is the first to note the diff.
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    The skill part of DE Shaving is really figuring out which razor is best for you and then which blade to use in it. After that it's knowing the right angle and to lay off the pressure. It's way simpler than the straight but not to be taken with a grain of salt. We see plenty of posts from guys who try DE's and have terrible results.
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