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Thread: A Platinum DE For Under $5... Shipped!? (8 Pics)

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    Default A Platinum DE For Under $5... Shipped!? (8 Pics)

    As I was browsing eBay I came across one of those items that makes you scroll back up... Platinum DE with 2 Blades @ $4.95/shipped! Hmmm... Tough to tell from the pictures exactly what's going on but I figured it would be worth the $5 to see exactly what it was and to have something to post about on SRP. ;-)

    I've been using Dorco Cartridge Razors with my Head Shaves for just under a couple years I believe it is... And, with surprising results getting about 4-5 months out of each cartridge shaving my head once a week. I strop them by doing about 10 passes up my arm over my hair as I am putting them away at the end but, otherwise, do nothing differently than with my old Mach 3 but getting many, many times more mileage out of them.

    I have recently switched to Dorco DE Blades with similar results and still with the stropping up my arm. So, I knew the two blades would be quality and this would also help me see why Dorco does not sell DE Razors on their site as they have Cartridge Razors and Handles but just DE or SE Blades and no Razors for them. They also had a Dorco TTO on eBay but thought I'd check this one out first. The TTO is around $18.

    The package arrived yesterday and I've had a chance to take a look at it, give it a couple test pulls and then take some pics for this Post. Here's some observations:

    - The Razor is some type of Hard/ABS Plastic. I cannot bend the Handle even with moderate force and it easily survived my torquing and twisting.

    - The Razor is a two-piece and the Head is just as tough as the Handle as it does not break or bend much at all as I was being pretty rough with it. The entire handle turns just under the base to either release or tighten the head down.

    - The Threads that connect are deep and wide and I could not get them to fail by pushing or pulling moderately with the head all the way in or half way out.

    - The Razor seems to be in the Moderate range as the blade sticks out about as much as my recently acquired Slim on the 5 setting. It feels overall about the same when I did just a couple quick test-pulls with each. But, I'm still so new to DE Shaving that you don't want to put much weight in that.

    - I've dropped it from a height of about 3 feet a handful of times and it does nothing but do a little hop or bounce. No breaks or failures and the blade always stays in there nice and tight.

    - The weight is extremely light, as you'd expect, but the handle length is quite a bit longer. *See the pic where it is next to the Slim. The longer handle seems to work in its' favor for you as, when holding at the end, you can maintain a grip similar to standard DE's. I think if the handle were shorter it would likely promote a grip where you'd want to put pressure through your stroke so the length of the handle appears to be a positive.

    Overall, for a very low price that includes shipping, if you have a use for something like this... Travel, First DE Trial, Stash Razor @ GF/BF/?? House, etc... I think it is a pretty solid buy so wanted to share.

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    Great idea for a travel, back-up or I don't care if they steal it out of my luggage...razor.
    I've used the Dorco Super Feather style blades but never the Dorco DE, what do they compare to?

    Thanks for the post/review.

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    I've only used the Dorco DE's so don't have any point of reference there. I have some other brands but have not gotten through my first yet in order to try the others.

    ** Fixed the Link... Gotta remember to Sign OUT of eBay before Copy/Past! :-)
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