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Thread: Only one side of DE razor shaves?

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    Default Only one side of DE razor shaves?

    Hey guys, new to the forum, and relatively new to the wet shaving world. I've been at it for a couple of months, and I love it. (Been DE shaving and straight razor shaving).

    I've been noticing on my Edwin Jagger '89 that only one side of my DE blades actually shave, like I can feel it cutting on one side but when it use the other, it feels like it's just gliding over and not even cutting. I have tried putting in one Astra blade and one Derby blade and I still get the same result. I tried turning the razor around, but it's the same side of the blade that cuts well. Am I having a blade problem, or is it a faulty razor?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    First, big welcome to SRP!

    Second, well, pictures would help a lot especially profile pictures from the sides showing the blade sticking out, also one from the top for good measures. How do the blades align in the razor? Some blade/razor combination require some help to have a good/centered alignment.

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    You might want to see if the blade exposure is equal on both sides of the top cap. If it is not that might be your problem. Since it is doing with different blade makes it may be that for some reason your DE is not allowing the blades to be properly centered in the head. If that is the case contact either the people you bought it from or Edwin Jagger directly and explain the problem may be a defective razor not allowing the blade to center properly in the head.

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    I think you've got something weird with the razor. I have an Edwin Jagger, and both sides shave identically.

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    From what you describe and further thoughts by the other gentlemen, something is amiss with the shave head. Write the seller.

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    In 1922 Professor Fritz Wunderlich in Vienna conducted the definitive study on this very issue. He determined when you shave with a DE the device sheds atoms and molecules causing both a weight imbalance and a disruption in the magnetic field which causes you to hold and use the opposite side in an unequal manner. Unfortunately for the professor before he could publish his findings he was attending a concert and the trombone player lost part of the instrument which flew into the audience striking the Professor in the head causing massive brain damage. He spent the rest of his life doing R&D for Gillette.

    Examine the DE on both sides and see if they are equal.
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    If the blade exposure from one side to the other isn't the same, you'll have different results from one side to the other. Most shaving heads have clearance to allow moving the blade from side to side before you finally tighten the head. Just insert the blade, look down at the top and snug it up enough to still move the blade and equalize the exposure. With most heads you can put your thumb and forefinger on the ends of the blade to do that.

    Occasionally, as with the Ikon Slant, the ends are covered and you have to use the edge of your thumbnail, or something, to move the blade the proper distance for equal exposure. If the blade can not be manipulated to provide equal exposure you have a defective head ........ razor head that is.

    The only other alternative I can think of is that you are not holding the razor at the same angle but that seems unlikely.
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    My EJ is identical on both sides. If there is a defect, EJ customer service is awesome! I had a problem with corrosion and they air freighted a new head and extra blades from the UK to the US. They may have spent more on that then I did buying the razor in the first place.

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