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Thread: Blade sharpness

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    I just tried Feather and really liked it. I've been working on a light touch because I hate the wait while healing. I've been using Sharks, Persona "meds" in my G - slim. I received Merkur blades but I don't like them in the slim however I do like them in my Merkur DE. I "binned" the Bic's that came in the sample pack. I couldn't get thru one shave without discomfort. I also received some Kai but haven't tried them yet. Have fun and try not to sacrifice too much fluid.......

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    Back in old days we didn't had any choices.
    Today in ebay or in e-stores packages with samples can be found in low price
    Another 1-2 times and he covered almost all the brands that are in the market
    So with few $ a new shaver can bought a dozen brands and test them with patience.
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