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Thread: Advice on DE choice for a straight-shaver

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobH View Post
    The DE that competes with the closeness and length of time a straight razor shave lasts is the Muhle R41 (2013 version) with a feather blade. That is my go to DE combo. I did not care for the handle and replaced it with a solid stainless bulldog grip. I like the added weight of the handle and the extremely grippy cut knurling. Close behind would be an Open Comb Gillette with a feather blade. Will be trying a Merkur 37c slant if Can Post ever gets around to delivering it. A unique razor head design and would be surprised and delighted if it out shaved the Muhle R41 but I suspect that will not be the case.

    I find the feathers very from blade to blade, some real good and some just don't do it (more burn) I seem to get a better shave and more repeatability from the silver blues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakobs View Post
    I like the idea of a fully restored vintage DE - but my DE use is intended to be limited to rare/rush mornings when I need to get out the door. Seems like a nice service though, for those who would prioritize that sort of thing
    I would forget a Muhle R41 for that purpose then, not a DE you want to rush haphazardly with.

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    FWIW --

    The Fendrihan "Alabastron" is from an unknown maker. Rather than buy it, I'd search local antique / junk shops / flea markets for a vintage Gillette. The price should be similar (but I've been out of the market for several years).

    I have three Gillettes and an EJ DE89 "barley" on my wall. The EJ is the one I use regularly. It's fairly heavy, and fairly mild. A pleasure to shave with.

    If you want a DE razor that really doesn't want to cut you -- extremely "mild" -- get an aluminum Weishi. They're cheap on the Internet. Even with a Feather blade, and sloppy technique, your face should be OK.

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