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Thread: Feather Blades

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    I get very consistent shaves out of feather when I do use my DE. That is my shave that is really close , feather blade and my Gillette fanboy on 9 I have used the blades for multiple shaves when on the road and no problem , but when I,m home I only use a blade once , Cause I can, so don't hate me for being wasteful, but I'll say this your gaining nothing by stropping a DE blade the edge is a coating that makes it sharp. As for your shaves being rough , it could be a number of things 1. Got lucky with the first shave. 2 got cocky and gave it more pressure or more passes, 3. Oh well I could go on, also maybe just need to give your face a rest after the really good close shave you got from it, and remember not everyone does well with a feather blade , that is why you need to try them all under a set condition to give yourself a true test , I shaved with a DE fat boy for over 40 years before getting into straights , you,ll find the right combo , good luck. Tc

    hi Roy
    “ I,m getting the impression that everyone thinks I have TIME to fix their bikes”

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    Hi Back to you my Gorilla friend! Hell I'm off for bed and should have done so hours ago!

    You wait till you get home and try your blades. You may love or hate them!
    Our house is as Neil left it- an Aladdin’s cave of 'stuff'.

    Kim X

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    Feather and Kai are my beloved blades
    Next are the Personna's.
    I can't imagine my self shaving without them,if i had to use other brands continuously then each shaving day wouldn't be always a nice day.

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