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    Default Re-plate question

    I have recently acquired a vintage 1921-29 Gillette "new" Aristocrat. It is in very good condition. Original case, 95% on the original gold plate, shave is spectacular. But, as with most vintage 3 piece Gillette's, it has the infamous crack in the tube. not much of one but enough to make me want to completely restore this razor. I intend to make this a regular addition to my small but ever growing rotation, so durability is important and I would rather it be re-plated in either nickel, silver, or rhodium. Which would be the most durable of the three?

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    From what I have read rhodium is the most durable followed by nickel and lastly gold. I don't know if that would fix the crack in the handle though, you'd have to ask whoever you get to do it about that.

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