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Thread: first DE and first wet shave

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    Default first DE and first wet shave

    Tonight I had my first ever wet shave and safety shave. I had the most amazing time, so relaxing. I got home from work and waiting for me was my package from srd. I got so excited I ran to the bathroom. I busted out my Edwin Jagger de89 (it was shorter then I expected) I placed the derby extra blade in it. I got my shave bowl, put in the coates sandalwood shave cream (smelled good). I got my brush and made a nice lather(I was surprised it went well). I did one inch strokes and took my time, also did two passes. I was nervous around my mustache area and lower lip. I normally bleed under the right side of my chin and I did not bleed. After my shower I could tell I missed a small patch, but I think I was successful for my first time. I left my chin gotee, I used my old razor to shape it just right. Will it be hard to learn to shape it with a de? I did try after shave as well for the first time, didn't burn luckily. Thank you all for the tips and advice.

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    Sounds like a successful first shave to me. You'll get better and better shaves the longer you stick with it. Shaping a goatee is easier with a DE the it is with a cartridge razor in my opinion. Next time try shaving right after a shower to properly hydrate your facial hair. It'll make a big difference.
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    Congratulations. Sounds like a nice first shave.

    I shave before a shower as well. I use a hot towel hot my face to get it ready for the shave. Try running water as hot as it will get on a towel, squeeze out excess and just hold over your beard until it starts to cool
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    While I have not been using my DE(s) for a while, I re-discovered what shaving means exactly the same way

    Will it be hard to learn to shape it with a de?
    Quite frankly, no.
    IMHO it's not the best tool for shaping, which is why I went to a str8, but that was because I went for something a bit more elaborate than a goatee.
    I have been maintaining a goatee for years with a DE without any issue. And for that a DE is a thousand times better than a cartridge razor. At least you feel where the blade is
    (Is it me or even Gilette advises the existence of a single blade at the back of a cartridge for "precise shaving" ?)

    (it was shorter then I expected)
    Which is not a bad thing, I think. I find that the bigger the DE, and the better your technique must be to correctly handle it

    Have fun, listen to the others' advices (chiefly : preparing your skin and shaving after a hot shower) and you are set to go
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    Well the journey down that slippery slope begins!!



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