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Thread: Merkur Progress

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    I don't know what model I have? I was given a Merkur DE with a long handle, non-adjustable. (Seems like a long handle compared to my Gillette Slim). Doesn't have an open comb. Any ideas...... I'm not trying to "hi-jack" just thought this thread's readers would be able to help. I believe I was told they are all the same "heads" with different handles? Then I really don't understand this thread at all. How can they act so differently? Fixed vs adjustable difference is a given for me but different "fixed" models shave differently with the same head?

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    Well, on the Merkur Progress, which is my daily razor, the blade exposure is adjusted by the knob on the bottom of the handle. All the way tightened down, is the least aggressive setting, and you can go all the way up to a 9, which is really quite aggressive. It takes a bit of time to learn the adjustments and experiment to see what your face prefers. Also, what type of shave you prefer, BBS or just presentable, etc.

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