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Thread: Mekur slant 37 c?

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    Default Mekur slant 37 c?

    I am currently using an ikon slant with Swedish stainless steel blades or Big Ben stainless steel blades (they agree with my face lol). If I moved to the mekur slant do you think I will get a closer shave or really not that much different. I just recently got two TI straights and I'm learning them but my straight shave is no where near my DE shave at the moment?

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    I like the Ikon slant, but I like the old tried and true Merkur slant a little more. I find it is easier to align the blade when tightening down the top cap, and I think the blade angle/exposure is a bit better for my personal face. YMMV
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    I've had the pleasure to try them both out!

    37C is for me byfar the best merkur slant there is. the Sledgehammer aka 39C is a bit too large and heavy for my taste and although i get BBS with it the ALUM block always stigns like crazy. I am a bit fanatic about the BBS thing so...

    The iKon one gives me the most comfortable shave i could get out of DE and is a bit more effective than 37C IMHO. The thing with the iKon is that you can buffer the area and there wont be any razor burn because it perfectly designed. Also I dont like to rinse DE mid shaving and iKon can hold way more foam! The only problem is tha iKon is comfortable to the point where you would use the backside of a razor and shave with it!

    IMHO going from iKon to 37C would be like jumping from a horse to the mule. If you are looking for an alternative DE i suggest Muhle R41. That is imho the most efficient razor there is although some people complain it is a bit harsh. I usualy shave with a straight razor and have R41 as a travel companion because of his efficiency. The only problem with R41 is that he is razor blade picky!

    Hope this helps you make up your mind!
    Have a nice day!


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