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Thread: Gillette black beauty - problems with blade ?

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    It happened with my BB , when changing setting, I opened door put on setting @1 closed doors making sure not to over tighten, opened doors put on my setting @5 closed an was back to normal.

    If do not open easily, then dried soap is clogging a bit. the knob must turn easily without any resistance,. Soak in hot water(not boiling) then rinse with pressure down barrel, let dry, then spray down barrel with WD-40, open and close till doors open and close with ease.

    If it is still out of line or off then it is in need of repair

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    Honestly, I'd shave with that and see if it even mattered. Nothing there looks scary to me. I'd go easy, use a low setting, like 3 or 4, and see what it gave me.
    There are slant razors designed with a far more exaggerated or pronounced difference in blade exposure from one end to the other that people shave with every day. MHO.

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    That does look to be off a bit, and it would irritate me too. Still, it shouldn't cause any issues while shaving.

    I'm sorry this happened to you, and I hope your razor is still usable.
    Who knows? Maybe it will make it a better shaver.

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