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Thread: Antique Store Gems

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    Whenever I use my SE razors, I often wonder why I use any other razors at all. The shaves are just so good, and so consistent with the SE razors.

    Also, while I get about 2-3 shaves with a DE blade before I have to throw it away, I get a few more shaves with the SE blades (About 7). I think the DE blades still work out being cheaper, but not by much.

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    G-Bar eh? Nice to have a name for it. Its the first razor I remember my dad shaving with before he switched to his Gillette.
    I should find one if for no other reason than to see how my dad shaved. I still have his Gillette, but the Gem is long gone to history.

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    They are super cheap here (US) and so far I have collected 7 different SE razors. Rolls Razor, Autostrops and Gems, they all shave fantastic. Im sure you will not be disappointed.
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