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Thread: Science of Sharp

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    Exclamation Science of Sharp

    When I find it (unfortunately rarely !!) I am fascinated by the use of the electronic scanning microscope (SEM) for the study of blades.
    Unfortunately, it is often used only in the analysis of the DE blades.

    For science lovers, in sharpening there is a reference: • Leggi argomento - Science of Sharp: affilatura e laboratorio hi-tech
    From the same blog user (now private, but just log in to WP with Google and ask for access via ... a very high resolution image album Yellow Belgian after 300/800 passes and razor (bad) sharp on this.
    But also side sections of Gillette Fusion and Feather (magnification 10k / 50k).

    A B&B user (Evil4Blue) opened a number of topics a long time ago, including superficial analysis of metal (EDAX, Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis):
    Bristle brush fibers, badger (2-band badger, 3-band badger, High Mountain White, Muhle synthetic STF)
    Astra Superior Platinum (Green), Astra Superior Steinless (Blue)
    Polsilver Super Iridium, Perma Sharp, Bolzano Superinox
    Gillette Blue (vintage), Viking Sword, Personna Red (Israeli)
    Effect of the denim jeans strop on the DE (blade stropping) wire of Personna Blue Lab and Med Prep
    Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Stainless (Green), Sharp Edge (Yellow), Super Platinum (Black / Blue)
    Voskhod and Feather Hi-Stainless
    Personna Med Prep and Lab Blue
    Gillette Rubie, Gillette 7OC Green and Yellow and Black, Gillette Silver Blue, Gillette Super Thin, Crystal (Personna), Feather, Personna Lab Blue and Med Prep and Red, Polsilver Super Iridium, Super Max Titanium, Voskhod

    Along the way I found other interesting topics (in theory) ... mutilated by the bad choice of hosting for images !!! • Login
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    A scientific approach to shaving is not my cup of tea.

    Sitting on a bench at a beautiful spot in the countryside and then trying to analyze why this spot is so beautiful would only distract from the beauty, wouldn’t it?

    Similarly, when I drink a glass of excellent wine I don’t think too much about the chemical composition and rather enjoy the wine and appreciate the talent of the winemaker.

    Something that is fun and can be enjoyed can be made less enjoyable when it is over-analyzed.

    For me, the morning shave is a pastime and not a science project.

    But to each his own....

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    To each his own indeed! I love science of sharp and the photos and analysis. I wish he would do more of it. It, like so many other things In this hobby, is another rabbit hole I enjoy going down from time to time. It’s a past time that has shed light on many aspects of honing. Of course, you can’t learn to hone by looking at pictures. But it has been a great help along the way and very fun for me. It is more than magnification. For me, it is more about the principles and theories.
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