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Thread: Butterfly razors

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    Default Butterfly razors

    I have had a Rockwell 6C for probably 4 months or so now, it was recommended and I'm very pleased with it. I use the #3 plate and have decided that Nacets are my blade of choice.

    I also have a Butterfly razor that opens by twisting the end of the handle.

    I decided to use the butterfly yesterday, a Weishi.

    I don't know if this is a usual problem or if it's the way I hold it but I nicked myself.

    This was my first cut with a DE, as I shaved the end of the handle twisted, just enough to make the blade loose enough to move. Anyway, my first nick with a safety razor.

    Not serious enough to stop me shaving with a straight just now but I am a bit surprised that my friendly safety razor bit me.
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    When I was 18, I shaved with a Gillette adjustable butterfly razor into which I had inserted a brand new blade. I had not properly tightened the razor heads and the edge of the blade caught my neck. It cut me for about a 4 inch long, but fortunately not very deep gash. I had to use a length of Elastoplast bandage and looked like the Frankenstein monster for a few days.

    That razor hit the trash bin. I wish I had not tossed it as it would be a very collectable piece these days.
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    You have to be careful with TTO, Turn to Open, razors that the knob does not loosen while you are shaving. You now know that so lesson learned. Touch wood I have not had that happen with a TTO razor.

    Also safety razors may shave with a slightly different angle from others.

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    I too am in the same place as Bob. I've never had one loosen up but...
    I do know that the Gillettes close and almost lock. As when you tighten the handle down the last little bit you feel it get harder to turn. Now I don't know if this is the way it was designed and makes it hold better or not. It just comes to mind. Be safe little brother with them DE's.
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    Some of the worst albeit not the deepest cuts I have had shaving were with a safety razor. From what I have read Jerry the final, harder twist at the end on the adjustable Gillette is a lock but not all have that feature. In fact, since they are not adjustable, the Van DER Hagen trapdoor razors as an example seem not agressive enough when tightened all the way down so I have usually left it somewhat loose and normally kept a finger, usually my pinky on it to keep it from loosening more. Sometimes I would become careless and let it get loose. Then it will sting you like the scorpion on the frog's back. It's just its nature. We tend to forget with "safety" razors.
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