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Thread: Well gosh

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlesilverbladefromwale View Post
    Any advice on a soap or cream well suited to DE razors?
    I always plug Momma Bear's soaps because I absolutely love them. However, anything that you are using with your straight will work equally fine with a DE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by English View Post
    To discover the DE razor and to believe it shaves well is quite normal. Sad but normal.

    I think that it is because you know how to use a straight that you did not get razor burn. Certainly, learning to use a straight teaches you touch with a sharp instrument on your skin.

    You will find that the DE blades cuts the hairs in a different way. With the result that the feel of your face when the hairs start to re grow is more spiky and so not as comfortable.
    All true, but when you switch from DE to str8, the amount of new knowledge & skill that you have to acquire is ***HUGE***, for a shave that's only a little bit better. With a DE, I can do a shave that's BBS in the fwd direction, but a little stubbly in the reverse direction. With my str8 I can get BBS in both directions, but it took me THREE YEARS and two scars to achieve this, and I haven't even mastered honing yet.

    Now that I'm most of the way up the curve, I'll stick with the str8--it does a better job. But I don't think the relatively small improvement in shave quality would have enticed me up the learning curve if I'd known just how big the curve is. Now that I've done it, I'm glad I did. But still.

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