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    Default Gr8 Shaves w/ DE

    I decided to try my Merkur Slant out exclusively for a little while as I was in a rush a few days and then just decided to go with it a little while longer. I got some great shaves when I used an Astra Keramik blade in the razor, I would rival the 2 pass shaves I got from it to be a bit better than what I was getting with my straights on 2 passes, more consistent results as well. It's definately been easier to get closer on my neck with the DE than it is with a straight on the second pass as well .. also generally less time spent shaving. Some of the other blades don't seem to shave as well though. Thanks to a member here that sent me a sampler pack of some blades I've been able to try out a few different brands, only one of the Astra's though so looks like I'll be buying some of those as their my fav so far over the merkurs and feathers, think I used a derby a few times too so far and one other brand that wasn't that great for me.

    I'm still going to use both, primarily straight as there have been quite a few times that I've gotten absolutely phenomenal shaves with my straight that have really set the bar for me .. just thought I'd put this up here to see if any other guys find using a DE a bit easier.

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    The PFTE coating they are able to put on DE blades make them really slippery, and they cut like butter through your whiskers.

    I still can't believe how smooth and easy a Feather in my Futur shaves.

    I do now get longer lasting BBS shaves out of my str8ts, but damn those DE blades are smooth!

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    There's no doubt that DEs are fairly easy to use, as soon as one figures out the pressure
    and angle thing. If you happen to be in a real hurry (which I don't advise), a one-pass DE
    shave with some cream slapped on your face definitely does the trick. Of course, they do
    benefit from great prep just the way a straight does.

    - Scott

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    While I love my straights, I must admit that I occasionally shave with a slant with a feather blade in it. It's a smooth, close shave.

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    A DE also helps me with my straight technique as well.

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